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Matrix Yachts (Pty) Ltd is a boat building company situated in Cape Town, South Africa. The company was founded in 2001 and is now renowned for its innovative designs and manufacture of large beautiful luxury sailing catamarans. Matrix Yachts has received recognition thorough numerous awards and accolades from the international sailing fraternity, including “Innovator of the Year” and “Star of the Miami Boat Show” confirming Matrix Yachts as a leader in catamaran design and construction.

The vision to build large luxury sailing catamarans was spawned by Peter, Fiona & Mark while they were operating charter yachts in the Caribbean. Between the founders they have in excess of 300,000 miles of blue water sailing and decades of chartering experience. Their passion and meticulous attention to detail coupled with Peter’s structural engineering background reflects in their well thought out and functioning designs.

Matrix Yachts is a fully accredited member of the Export Council and Marine Industry Association SA and with its good standing, Matrix Yachts is able to offer its customers finance at very competitive international rates with flexible loan repayment periods, subject to approval.

Matrix Yachts is excited at the prospect of collaborating with Cuba in developing its tourism industry with the addition of Mirage 760 day sail catamaran in particular.

The Mirage 760 day sail catamaran has been purposely designed for the excursion charter market and sets new standards for the yachts in this category.
The Mirage is arguably the best large day sail catamaran available in the world today. They are ideal for snorkeling trips, weddings, sun set cruises, team building groups etc.
Depending on layout they can take in excess of 120 passengers in comfort, and seat about 80 for meals at spacious dining tables.
Throughout the Mirage is of a considerably higher standard than many of the day sail catamarans found in operation. The Mirage:
• Is a brand new modern design
• Is able to carry many people to maximize profitability
• because of its buoyant hulls it has an exceptional performance, even when fully loaded
• is an extremely attractive boat that will make customers want to go on it and, enhance the image of the operator
• has a rigid hard top over its seating area to give all weather protection and to reduce its long term maintenance
• is versatile for excursions, sun set cruises, weddings, team building etc
• has 3 spacious change rooms & bath rooms, plus a waiting area as opposed to the customary cramped toilet cubicles that is normally found on yachts in this class
• has a huge galley and has vast storage areas
• And most importantly - the Mirage is the most competitively priced day sail catamaran of this size and standard available!

The Silhouette is the flag ship of the company. Its innovative use of space is evident throughout and its unrivaled master cabin has earned it the distinction of being one of the most desirable mega yachts in its category. In 2006 the Silhouette 760 won the South African Boating award for the best sailing craft over 10 meters. All three Silhouette 760 in the Caribbean are all extremely successful charter yachts and have won numerous awards. Where ever the Silhouette goes it turns heads and is showered with compliments.

The Vision is a 45 ft modern innovative design that optimizes sailing the use of space and volume to create a stylish yacht that appeals to the off shore sailor, charter industry and avid sailing family. Comfort, styling and ergonomics of the entire yacht were carefully studied to provide a pleasant environment for the whole family.

The Explorer 760 is an eye-catching 76 ft sailing catamaran that accommodates 12 guests plus 4 crew members in luxury. The yacht boasts the same good looks as her sister ships with high clean water lines. The large spacious cockpit is well appointed for entertaining or open air dining. Its fly bridge towers above her hulls and provides uninterrupted 360 degree views of its surroundings. The intelligent deck layout enables the yacht to be safely sailed with minimal crew input. Due to the extensive usage of light weight materials the yacht has a very impressive performance under power or sail.

The Mystique is a latest addition to the company’s fleet and their entry into power catamarans. It adopts the same innovative ground breaking principles as the rest of their yachts and makes maximum use of space. The yacht is offered with the latest state of the art power drive system which makes the yacht able to be captained by people without vast experience.

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