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Fractional Ownership Programm

Care-free yacht ownership at a fraction of the cost

The Matrix Yachts Fractional Ownership Concept

Matrix Yachts have perfected the concept of owning a dream yacht in factional ownership.

The fractional ownership model used by Matrix Yachts allows you to own a luxury cruising yacht at a fraction of the cost and then to enjoy the yachting experience without any of the worries of maintenance, insurance, dockage, haul-out, crew problems and the like.

Some people find the responsibility and commitment of full yacht ownership overwhelming – and usually only after they have purchased the yacht. Many are surprised by the amount of time and money required in owning and maintaining their yacht.

The Joy of Yacht Ownership
The program brings together successful individuals who wish to experience the joy of yacht ownership in the world’s most desirable sailing destinations, whilst eliminating the hassles of managing the yacht and to do all of this at a fraction of the cost of full ownership of the yacht.

Ownership Protection
Each yacht is owned by a special company created for the purpose of owning the yacht. The company is managed by the Matrix Yachts and its financial affairs are subject to annual audit by independent certified accountants. In this way, your ownership interests are fully protected. It also provides an easy mechanism for a fractional owner to sell his shares at any time prior to the end of the program cycle. All transactions are governed by properly drawn legal documents in a fully transparent process with no hidden costs. Each owner retains legal control of his shares in the company that owns the yacht. It cannot be affected or encumbered by the actions of the other owners. The yacht may not be used as security for a loan by anyone and will remain the free and unencumbered property of the owning company for the duration of the Program.

Hassle Free Yachting
It is estimated that the average yacht owner requires 15-25 hours per month to maintain his yacht and that the cost of maintenance, mooring, insurance, required upgrades, and the like, cost approximately 9%-15% of the purchase price annually.

Many yacht owners have demanding careers and business and family demands that drain their available time and energy. Few of us have the time or inclination to regularly attend to the myriad of tasks required to maintain a yacht in pristine condition, ready to sail at any time. This is especially true for those who live far away from their yacht.

Our Fractional Yacht Ownership program allows you the pleasure of knowing your yacht is maintained in pristine condition all year round. It gives you the peace of mind of knowing that all aspects requiring technical attention are professionally being taken care of – leaving you free to experience the joys of carefree yachting to the full.

When you are on board, you will be able to relax or enjoy any of a number of activities from water sports such as fishing, diving or skiing, to exploring exotic destinations.

Put the pleasure back into pleasure boating

The yachting experience is often spoilt by relatively minor problems such as unreliable staff or suppliers, administrative problems with marinas and insurance companies, poor maintenance resulting in inconvenient delays, etc. These are irritations which cause yachting to become a drag and which detract from what should be a very pleasurable experience. As a member of the Matrix Yachts Fractional Ownership Program, you are freed from all of these hassles. We ensure that your yacht has been thoroughly inspected and prepped prior to your arrival. All you need to do is step on board and enjoy your boat with your guests. Matrix Yachts will take care of all maintenance and crewing requirements, insurance, mooring, required upgrades, preparation prior to use, refuelling and any other matters that need attention in order to ensure that you have a carefree yachting experience. Whether you are new to sailing, or an experienced yachtsman, being a member of the Matrix Yachts Fractional Ownership Program enables you to enjoy yachting safely, comfortably and affordably.

Distinct from Time Share
Fractional Ownership is distinctly different from the concept of time-share. The fractional share owner has real ownership of a distinct asset. With Matrix Yachts’ Fractional Ownership, the number of co-owners is limited to a specific number of people.


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