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Mirage 760 Day Sailor Description

The Mirage 760 Day Sail utilizes the same hulls as our successful Silhouette 760 cruising catamaran and have proved to be capable of being driven up to speed with the minimal of power, and yet still have very good load carrying characteristics. These two desirable attributes enables the Mirage Day Sail to provide exhilarating sailing and yet remain buoyant at all times, even when loaded with its full compliment of 118 passengers and crew on board (6 tons).

The Mirage effortlessly sails at boat speeds in the high teens, even at gross. Sea state allowing, she will regularly equal wind speed. To maximise performance the yacht could be fitted with a furling Code 0 sail, as used on our Silhouette 760. This sail works very well in light to medium winds and off wind sailing.

The Main engines in each hull drive high tensile stainless steel shafts and folding propellers. A cost saving could be achieved by installing lower power engines with fixed pitch propellers but in doing so the spectacular performance of the vessel would be reduced. It is very economical under power. With the recommended 110 HP engines it does 11 knots and 9.5 knots with only one engine running at 2200 rpm.

Only the best grade, modern materials and practices are used to construct the GRP sandwich construction. Generally polyester isothalic resin with E glass fibre reinforcement is used throughout. The core materials are rigid PVC, end grained balsa, polyethylene honeycomb and marine plywood in high stress areas. For osmosis protection an epoxy barrier coat is applied below the water line. Every precaution is taken to make the vessel maintenance free and robust.

The passenger and crew accommodation layout can be customised to suit the customerís requirements. Within the voluminous hulls there is ample space to incorporate passenger ablution facilities, a galley, provision storage and crew quarters as required.

Much thought has however been given to create a deck layout that maximizes passenger safety. All sailing operations and the handling of ropes have been removed from the passenger areas and are controlled from the fly bridge steering station. While under way all the passengers are within the confines of the 900mm high walls surrounding accommodation deck which makes it impossible for passengers to fall over board accidentally.

The fore and aft boarding ladders provide swimmers with easy access on and off the yacht. There is also ample spare space available in which to position bins for the snorkelling gear. The transoms have been sculptured to form large tender docks for easy passenger movements.

It takes approximately 6 months to construct a Mirage Day Sail. This construction period does not take into account the time it takes to procure the specialized materials that are incorporated in its construction and are not readily available.

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