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Fractional Ownership Yachts Available

Matrix Yachts have for sale fractional ownership shares in a Vision 450 that is based in the Seychelles.

The Vision 450 is a sailing catamaran and the culmination of many years’ research and precision design by Peter Wehrley in a quest to provide the ultimate sailing experience for the discerning sailor. It provides the stability of a large catamaran with mega-yacht comforts and luxury in a contemporary style.

It is a yacht that is equally at home in the stylish marinas of the Mediterranean and the pristine waters of the world. It provides you and your family or guests an unforgettable sailing experience in elegant style and comfort.

The yacht is based at Eden Island Marina, Seychelles which is an exclusive up market development. The Seychelles is one of the world’s best cruising grounds as its’ warm tropical weather is consistently pleasant with no risk of hurricanes. Due to the absence of industrial pollution its pristine waters abound with marine life and the corral is un-spoilt. The warm turquoise waters team with fish which makes diving and snorkeling an unforgettable experience.

Five co-owners
The program makes provision to allow five co-owners to buy into a single new luxury yacht. The cost of the yacht and the expenses of maintaining the yacht are shared equally by the co-owners according to a predetermined budget. The whole program is organised and professionally managed by Matrix Yachts for a modest management fee. In this way each co-owner pays only his fraction of the cost of purchasing the vessel and maintaining it in a pristine condition, whilst being able to enjoy virtually as much time on his yacht that he desires.

Easy Scheduling
  • Reservations are handled by Matrix Yachts and are structured on a first-request-time-available basis.
  • A single fractional share entitles the owner to a maximum of 70 days use annually, and used as individual days, weekends,    or full weeks.

  • Termination
    At the end of five years the yacht is sold and the proceeds divided equally between the owners. Because the vessel is well maintained the yacht maintains optimum resale value. The co-owners are at liberty to extend or alter the termination date with the approval of 60% of the co-owners.


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